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User Sammer Jones Asked:

Hi.. I have an LED light strip I want to power. It says it is 12 Volt 50 watts. Will you Power Supply Work.

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Sammer. Yes, the power supplies we have are ideal for powering an LED light array. All you have to do is hook us the output of the power supply, to the input of the strip. This is usually a 5.5mm x 2.5mm barrel connector. For a 50 watt load, you would divide that number by the voltage, which is 12V, so you would get 4.16 Amps. With amperage, you will always round up to the next highest whole number, so you will use the 12 Volt 5 Amp power supply. Good luck.

User Patrick Dalton Asked:

I need to replace an AC Adaptor. model: MW48-1200750 Input: 120V AC 60Hz 22W Output: 12V DC 0.75A negative polarity class 2 transformer Is the plug size/configuration determined by the voltage/amperage? Do you have a recommendation? thanks

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Pat***. The size and type of connector for a power supply is often determined by the voltage and amperage. For most 12 Volt DC power supplies of less than 10 Amps, the standard connector is a Barrel type 5.5mm x 2.5mm connector. This covers the vast majority of power supplies. For smaller power supplies, being 1A or less, a 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel is sometimes used. These measurements represent the size of the barrel connector. 5.5mm represents the diameter of the outside barrel, with 2.1mm or 2.5mm is the diameter of the hole inside of the barrel. It is interesting to note that for most power supplies, the 2.1mm and the 2.5mm barrels are interchangeable, meaning that they are close enough in size that either one should work... In terms of Polarity, the standard is that the inner barrel is positive, and the outside barrel negative. All of the power supplies on this site are inner barrel positive. In the rare situation were you have a device were the inner barrel is negative, you can simply cut the wire going to the barrel connector, and reconnect with electrical tape reversed. Please let us know if you have any other questions...

User Liz Asked:

I bought 2 Christmas reindeer from a store the maker was Holiday Decorations. What I didn't realize was they were missing the adapters that actually plugs into the outlet. All they have is a round plug with only 2 connectors. 1 is flat like a regular plug that goes in a wall and one is round. It looks like this plug screws onto an adapter that will receive the flat and round plug. I have a picture I can send to you if you have a place I could upload it to.

Our Technician Answers:

User robbie Asked:

I have a 32" fiber optic snowman. What i do not have is half of his power cable.UL adapter input 120V 60HZ Output 12V 900mA. . The half that I need goes into the wall. Can You Guys Help ?

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Robbie... Finding a power supply to power your fibre optic christmas tree is easy. The first number you mentioned "120V 60HZ" is just the AC current as it comes out of you wall socket. You don;t have to worry about it. THe second numbers "12V 900mA" is the actual output of the power supply that you should be concerned about. 12V is 12 Volt, which is what most if our power adapters are. The measure 900mA is the amperage. To convert mA to A, all you have to do is divide by 1000. So 900 divided by 1000 gives you .9A. When dealing with Amperage for power supplies, you always round up to the nearest whole number. So you will use a 1A power supply. Here is a link to a power supply that will work for you,

User Eric Daub Asked:

I have a fiber optic Christmas Tree and the AC adaptor broke. Input: 120V-60Hz Output: 12V-Max 36VA. Do you have one that I can buy to replace it? Eric Daub

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Eric. Yes, we do have a power supply for your fiber optic christmas tree. The tree is a is very simple, and all you have to match is the voltage and the amperage. Since we know that the voltage is 12V, that is clear. We don;t know the required amperage, but we do know that is use 36 VA. Since 10 VA is equal to 1 A, you will simply divide by 10. So the power supply you need is 12V 3.6A Power Supply. In order words, you need a 12V Power Supply that can handle up to 3.6A of Load. In this case, you will round up to the nearest whole number, so you will use the Power Supply that can handle a load of UP TO 4A. So you will be using a 12 Volt 4 Amp Power Supply. Here is a link to the unit: