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User SAMANTHA Asked:

i have a zoombox projector i need a 12.0 v dc power cord to run it. where can i find one? what amperage would i need?

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Samantha, You need to find out the voltage and the amp rating of your projector.. Looks like the voltage is known at 12 Volts, so you need to know the watts, or the Amp.. If all you find is the Watts, divide by 12, being the voltage, to find the Amp rating of the power supply you need... Also make sure that your device uses the standard connector, which is a barrel connector with a whole in the middle.. It should be about .5 CM wide.

User Denise Loutsch Asked:

I have a dart board that I can't find the cord to. Model number 78049 sn: 00492280 what adaptor would I need?

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Denise.. I am sorry to sat that we cannot answer questions about specific devices. You will have to do the research yourself. All you have to do is find out what voltage your device uses, and buy a power supply of the same voltage. The other thing you need to know is the Amperage of the power supply to buy. If your device is rated at 3A, for example, you can use and power supply of 3A and above, so it can be a 3 Amp, 4 Amp, 5 Amp, or even more... You cannot go lower on Amperage though. If your device giv es it;s power usage in watts instead of Amps, all you have to do is take the watts, and divide by the voltage (usually 12).. So if you device says 60 Watts, divided by 12 Volts, which gives you 5 Amps.

User Daniel Asked:

I would like to convert 12 volt car radio to be used at home. What would be the proper way and or what item is available to perform this task?( 110 to 12 volt)

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Daniel... To convert your car stereo to work at home, all you need is one of our 12V DC Power Supplies. To choose the correct unit, you need to know the wattage of the stereo.. (Not the output to the speakers, but the amount of electricity it uses.) You would take that wattage, and divide by 12, to get the Amps.. So if your stereo is rated at 60W, you would divide by 12, giving you 5 Amps. In this case you would use the 12 Volt 5A Power Supply. If you do not know the wattage, you should use the biggest power supply possible, as the stereo will use what it needs. Having too large a power supply can't harm your stereo, but too small a power supply might...

User Ken Asked:

I'm trying to find out which AC adapter or transformer to use on a automotive electric fuel pump (12V), so that I can use 110V house current instead of a battery?

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Ken, An automotive fuel pump is essentially a 12V DC motor. Any of our 12V Power Supplies will power it. You just need to find the correct size for that pump. Do you know how many watts the pump draws? If yes, then divide by 12 to find the Amperage. If you don't know, I recommend going with the 10A unit, just to be safe. The pump will draw whatever power it needs up to 10A or 120W.

User Jorge Cave Asked:

I need a replacement power supply ac/dc adapter for LED lighting. Model number on current adapter is JY15-120-100-UD Input: 100-240V ~50/60Hz 0.4A Output: 12V 1000mA Can you please send recommendation. My lights turn on and then begin to flicker after 20 minutes and power supply seems to be overheating. Do you think that my power supply is going out? Thanks for your assistance. Jorge

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Jorge, If your LED lights are flickering, it is most likely a power supply issue, but before you start checking for power supply issues, make sure that the wiring and connections are ok.. Make sure there are no loose connections, all screws holding wires are tight, and all soldering is solid. If you confirm all this, and the lights are still flickering, first see if the power supply is overheating.. If it is getting really hot, it might be overloaded.. Make sure you are not running more lights than the power adapter can handle. If it is super hot, it is either defective, or not powerful enough for your load. The next thing is to check the Voltage of the output. With a voltmeter, see if the power supply is putting out a steady 12 Volts or if it is flickering.. If it is varying by more than 1V up or down, the power supply is defective. Replace the power supply.